There’s something calming and ethereal about this colour. Probably the reason why world over white symbolises the colour of peace, and is considered the colour of angels.

It’s a colour that calls out to every man. The most versatile item in any wardrobe. From a meeting to a sports game, weekend full of fun, it’s also an indispensable colour. And the amazing thing about it, is there are just no wrongs but only rights with this colour. Team it up with a pair of jeans or power it up with a suit, every shade of skin tone can carry it off ….


Navy Pink Floral Pocket Square
Stark White Shirt
Navy Modern fit jacket

In the real world, it’s a colour that commands respect, love and easily lends a certain air of class to any individual that wears the transcendental colour.


Dressing for work can be challenging, especially if you have to adhere to a strict dress code, but if you’re luckier in the workplace that you don’t have to follow the rules of a top hat and tails then you can really experiment with your look. Now we not saying that you can’t be smart whilst you’re doing this, you can still keep the classic roots to your look, but jazz it up a bit with a few simple changes and details.

Business Professional Attire Classic Look

You can’t go wrong with the classics, so wearing a traditional suit will do you no wrong when it comes to office attire. This simple white dress is a great option as its simplicity makes it a great canvas for customizing your look.

Worn with a pair of plain derby shoes you’ll have yourself a classic, office-ready look, without going too out there and still adhere to certain dress codes.

Stark White Shirt